Device and node sets: use several devices at once

Many walt commands allow you to target several devices (e.g. nodes, switches) at once.

For instance:

$ walt node run my-nodes hostname

If one types walt node run --help, one can see that the first parameter is a node_set, thus allowing to specify several nodes. If one types walt device rescan --help, one can see that the first parameter is a device_set, thus allowing to specify several devices, and the default value of this optional parameter is server,explorable-switches.

To specify this kind of command parameter, the following options are allowed:

  • specify a single device (e.g. node1)

  • specify a coma-separated list of devices (e.g. node1,node2,node3) with no space

  • use one of the predefined sets (see below)

  • combine previous options (e.g. server,explorable-switches)

Here is the list of predefined sets:

  • my-nodes: nodes the user currently owns (see walt help show node-ownership)

  • free-nodes: nodes that no one currently owns

  • all-nodes: all nodes of the platform

  • all-switches: all switches of the platform

  • all-devices: all devices (nodes, switches, unknown devices, and the server)

  • explorable-switches: all switches with lldp.explore set to true